Air Conditioning Optimisation

Air conditioning and environmental systems (HVAC) account for up to 60% of a building power usage. For this reason, HVAC should be one of the first areas addressed when trying to reduce the energy usage of a facility. Unfortunately, this is an area often overlooked due to the difficulty in improving system efficiency without replacing capital equipment and significant financial cost to the client.

Ensol employs unique, patented, environmental energy reduction technologies focused on microbial control as a means of reducing energy consumption and improving system efficiency, safety and the quality of the air we breathe.

Platform technologies are focused on the:

  1. Removal of biofilm (bacteria, mould, algae) using patented multi-enzyme formulations. Biofilm greatly impacts system efficiency and capital equipment lifespan.
  2. Long term protection of equipment internals and ducting from contamination by bacteria, mould, and algae using proprietary polymer/biocide coatings and applications.
  3. System optimisation using proprietary and validated algorithms, hardware and control systems that greatly optimise the running cycle of HVAC equipment.
  • Independently validated to significantly decrease energy consumption through improved system efficiency.
  • Measurably improved Indoor Air Quality by effectively controlling, preventing, and inhibiting the growth of biofilm, bacteria, fungi, mildew and mould for 12 months from the date of application.
  • World’s only HVAC evaporative coil cleaning, sanitising and treatment solution that is US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered and US Energy Star Awarded.
  • Environmentally friendly, fully bio‐degradable and complies with all Occupational Health & Safety worlds best practices.
  • Protects and maintains asset life. Non‐corrosive and uses water as the mode of transport. Suitable for new or old HVAC evaporative coils.