Container and Freight Yard

The Client

An industry leader in logistics and freight forwarding. Their central port site includes a large container yard and warehouse storage facility that operates 24 hours a day, moving and storing goods for several of Australia’s largest retailers.

The site itself contains nearly 500 high bay fittings across 6 separate warehouses as well as an assortment of flood and pole lights. The site’s main issue was excessive electricity usage however there were other problems that needed to be addressed as well, such as low levels in some areas, incorrectly placed fittings, dark spots and lack of adequate control systems.


Ensol’s solution was centred around replacing the existing 440W Mercury Vapour high bay lights with energy efficient IEQ 150W Induction High Bays (100,000 Hrs life span), as well as to implement a full lighting design to ensure new fittings were placed at the optimum height and in locations above pick faces in their pallet racking. The lighting was also optimised with a higher lux level in areas where complex tasks were performed such as the vehicle maintenance bay.

In addition to the new lighting system a comprehensive control suite was installed which integrated timing and daylight harvesting systems to ensure the lighting ran only when it was required.


The sites results where significant, with improved lighting levels, lights only being on when required and a 65% energy saving on their energy costs which equates to around $100,00 per year, the installation also reduced ongoing maintenance costs. The site has subsequently undergone and completed a full independent audit.

A major comment from the staff was that they now have a more comfortable work environment due to improved lighting and reduced glare for the forklift operators.

Stage two of this project is now underway with improvements in their cold storage, HVAC, and IT systems all being trailed and installed over the next 6 months.