SM Malls – Mall of Asia – Philippines


A number of SM Mall sites were experiencing significant biofilm growth on both the coils and filters of their HVAC air conditioning coils at a number of their shopping malls.

The direct consequences of this contamination was a costly requirement for a monthly clean of the coils using high pressure water.

This process was consuming vast amounts of labour and water while still not addressing the underlying biofilm and corrosion issues (due to the acidic release associated with bio growth).

This was having a direct effect on coil life span, with multiple units showing corrosion which – if unchecked – would lead to a full replacement need well before the expected lifespan of the equipment.

Biofilm also has a massive impact on the operational (and there for energy) efficiency of the HVAC system. In this case there was a marked increase in energy usage between cleans.


An energy efficiency remediation was conducted on SM Malls (the flagship complex of the largest group shopping centre complex owners in the Philippines) to determine what energy savings and any other downstream benefits that could be delivered.

AerisGuard coil treatment was applied to the HVAC units after cleaning while a host of measurement and verification equipment was installed don site to monitor the results.


The remediation provided validated energy savings, substantial water savings, significant labour cost reductions and the ability to fulfil an 8 year warranty of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) equipment as provided by the equipment manufacturer

Energy saving were measured at 19% annualised and the following benefits were recorded:

– CFM increase of 10%
– ∆P across the coil decrease of 53%
– Total HVAC tonnage decrease of 15%

Due to this succuss the AerisGuard solution was adopted across all 53 SM Mall owned shopping centres throughout Asia