Major Retailer Distribution Centre

The Client

The Client is a leading Australian retail chain operating stores throughout the region. Ensol was brought in to improve energy efficiency across the group, beginning with their central distribution centre.

The site was generally well lit however they had two common issues of certain areas of darkness and a lack of control systems, resulting energy wastage.


Ensol created a new lighting design for the site which included the replacing all of the existing 430w Mercury Vapour with energy efficient IEQ 150W Induction High Bays (100,000 Hrs Life Time). The lighting design also called for fitting to be repositioned to provide optimum lighting on the ground while maintaining the maximum energy reductions possible.

On top of the replacing the luminaires Ensol also installed a comprehensive control suite which utilises a combination of timers and daylight harvesting to optimise and control the new system.


The result was an energy savings of around 55% on their light power costs while removing the need for staff to manually turn the lighting on and off. There was also a significant increase in light quality and distribution throughout site.