Automotive Parts Manufacturer

The Client

Our client was a major automotive parts manufacturer with operations across Australia. They produce a variety of parts for large Australian automotive companies such as Ford and Toyota.
Our client wanted to achieve two major goals. Firstly, they wanted to reduce total energy usage across the entire operation (multiple sites). Secondly, they wanted to modernise the safety level and visual appearance of their facilities which had luminaries placed as needed in an unplanned fashion as the company had expanded operations and reconfigured facilities.


Each site in the portfolio represented a unique challenge with some sites under lit while others were well lit. A common theme across the sites was specific task area lighting not being correctly positioned as factory layout and equipment had changed since the lighting had been installed.

Ensol formulated a unique solution for each individual site, focused around the removal of out-dated and inefficient mercury vapour luminaries and replacing them with IEQ energy efficient induction lighting. Control systems and power system efficiency measures were also implemented to further reduce both energy consummation and costs for the client. Various government energy schemes were also utilised to assist with funding the upgrades.


The result was a energy savings of around 60% as well as lighting for tasks completed within the factories. Control of the lighting systems were also automated to ensure the lights only run as needed.